Hello, I'm Dom.


University of Toronto - Computer Science

2015 - 2020

Programming engulfed my life during these 5 short (read: long) years. I took every Computer Science course I could, surpassing the credit requirement for a Major and qualifying for a Specialist. Here are some highlights:

  • Programming on the Web
  • Scalable Computing
  • Parallel Programming
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Intro to Information Security
  • Intro to Databases
  • Compilers and Interpreters
  • Principles of Computer Networks
  • Data Structures and Analysis
  • Operating Systems


TXIO Corporation

A small Financial Technology company based in Toronto, Canada specializing in fully custom, comprehensive tools that are used for trading, ForEx, risk analysis, reports, adminstration and portfolio management. TXIO's partners are regulated by the SEC (USA), FCA (UK), BaFin (Germany), ESMA (Europe), and IIROC (Canada).

Lead Front-End Developer

May 2020 - Present
  • Managed a team of ~6 developers which included maintaining the tech stack, assigning tasks, running architecture/design meetings, reviewing commits and employee training.
  • Main focus was on our flagship project, Neontra, a personal finance tool capable of tracking any aspect of your financial life.
  • Developed a custom XML⇔JS translation layer which significantly simplified how backend and frontend communicate.
  • Created an ESLint config which automatically formatted code based on our guidelines and highlighted certain errors resulting in code review time being cut down in half.
  • Developed a multi-session login process which allowed admin users to log into their client’s accounts without data bleedover, eliminating the need for a backend solution.
  • Wrote scripts to perform continuous deployment to development and live environments which added automatic backups and versioning, improved deployment time and significantly reduced user error.
  • Introduced Expo and Typescript to our React Native projects which allowed instant app availability for testing and improved developer experience.
  • Wrote extensive tutorials for setting up a full development environment (Web and Mobile) for Ubuntu/Fedora, MacOS and Windows 10/11 (with WSL).

Software Engineer (part time)

Feb 2020 - Apr 2020
  • Worked part-time during a full semester at school.
  • Reviewed code and contributed solutions to problems faced by the team.
  • Mostly focused on improving legacy code.

Software Engineer Intern (16 months)

May 2018 - August 2019
  • Part of University of Toronto PEY (Professional Education Year) Program.
  • Started off by fixing visual bugs and ended with delivering a complete front-end tech stack overhaul:
    ■ Bower NPM
    ■ AngularJS React
    ■ Native iOS/Android React Native
  • Pitched, prototyped and delivered a multi-platform, multi-project monorepo, which:
    ■ condensed multiple repos into one
    ■ significantly increased code reusability
    ■ significantly decreased project startup time
    ■ unified frontend-backend communication layer
    ■ reduced tech debt and eliminated depreciated tools
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